Thinking of a Buy-to-Let?

Whether buying a property to rent out or thinking of renting your own property, BrightWater is here to help you along the way.

Whether it's your first time thinking about buy to let, you already own a large portfolio or you just require some friendly advice, BrightWater can provide the right lettings service for you.

We can help you with your research in finding the best area for your requirements, some investors are looking for a high yield and others are more interested in capital growth. We'll help you with that and advise you on the rental income you can expect, assessing whether that balances out with the investment you could be about to make.


The Plan

As you would with any business, you need to plan and figure out what kind of money you could make.

How to calculate the percentage gross yield of your investment:
(Total income per year ÷ the value of the property) x 100 = % gross yield.

To calculate the percentage net yield:
(total income - total costs) ÷ the value of the property) x 100 = % net yield.

Be realistic:
Set a realistic rent. Setting a high rental value will put off tenants and could well increase the amount of time your property is vacant.

Obviously there is far more to it than this so if you would like to know more please contact the office and speak to one of our Lettings team.




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