In this three-minute read, we look at how landlords can avoid getting a bad insurance deal. If you’re a landlord looking to take out insurance or renew a current policy, there are a few things you should know.
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The cost of borrowing remains historically low according to new data released by the Bank of England, the average mortgage rate just 2.09%.
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In this three-minute read, we celebrate those working in the noblest of professions – nursing. As it’s approaching International Nurses Day, we thought we’d share this brilliant quote with you:   “Save one...
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If you're considering making a move, now is the time to act. Demand for property is soaring.
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In this two-minute read, we look at why it’s crucial that consumers shop local. As we emerge out of lockdown, there’s one thing you can do to help  The New Forest   recover from the pandemic – and that’s to...
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